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For most people, just getting to live in the beautiful Mandala 1 community is enough but just to make the deal a whole lot sweeter, Filinvest provided a couple of nice amenities for the residents.

As mentioned earlier, the Mandala 1 is a low-density residential community. With a maximum of just five lots in an hectare of land, you do not have to worry about you disturbing the neighbors and vice-versa. In fact, if you will not go over to your neighbor’s house to introduce yourself, they might not even know you moved in the neighborhood. If you value peace and quiet then Mandala 1 will seem like paradise on earth for you.

Security and safety is not a problem in Mandala 1. The entire community is enclosed in a perimeter fence. This concrete barrier is high enough to dissuade would-be intruders but in case someone foolishly tries to scale the walls, there are hundreds of kilometers of razor wire waiting for them at the top. There are also security cameras installed in strategic locations all over the community so there are always dozens of unblinking electronic eyes keeping watch over the residents round the clock.

There is also a team of highly-trained security personnel who constantly patrol the streets of Mandala 1 looking for anything out of the ordinary. These guards serve as the community’s private police force. They are trained on how to stop and subdue intruders. In addition, they also know basic first aid and CPR. In case they run into a resident who needs help, they can provide first aid while they wait for the emergency medical technicians’ help.

Aside from the basic amenities, Mandala 1 also has resort-like recreational facilities. There is a large clubhouse/sports club in the middle of the community where you and your neighborhood friends can hang out and discuss your current gardening/farming projects. Within the sports club complex, you will find a huge, Olympic-size lap pool, which you can use to train or just lounge around during the sunny days. There are also several multi-purpose courts for basketball, volleyball, and other sports.

A unique amenity in Mandala 1 that you will not find anywhere else is the model farm. This is actually a complete, working farm that produces all kinds of seasonal vegetables and fruits. Residents can visit the model farm to gain inspiration and learn from the people who manage it. In addition, they can also work on their own personal plot in the model farm if they do not have enough room in their own lots. Occasionally, the model farm will have a small farmer’s market where its products will be sold to the residents and other people visiting the community.

These are just some of the many features and amenities that you can expect from Mandala 1. If you think that it is nice enough that you get to live your dreams of living in a homestead then the amenities provided by the community will make you even happier than before.

  • Sports Club
  • Pool
  • Grand Gateway
  • Gate and Guard House
  • Model Farm
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